December 18, 2010

About Us

Sales and Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business Now

Archer Sales Strategies applies the latest Internet Marketing and Lead Generation techniques to build a winning growth strategy in today’s hyper competitive marketplace, using the right combination of cutting edge website design, SEO, SEM, targeted social media, and Internet advertising. We specialize in creating strategies for B2B and technical products that will dramatically grow your customer base.

We are only accepting a limited number projects on a commission basis at this time. Our expertise includes:

    • Building Your Unique Value Proposition
    • Developing Sales Processes That Work
    • SEO and Web Strategy That Fit Your Business
    • Customized Linked IN Campaigns
  • Individual Consulting

Our Story – Our Logo

The Archer’s Cap. Archery is one of the mankind’s oldest art forms, used for hunting, combat and recreation. The successful Archer needs a wide range of skills from strength to precision, from speed to strategy and most of all, experience and practice. The same skills are required for the successful business owner today. After building successful strategies at a number of companies, we started our own to build them for others.