September 26, 2017

Interview Coaching

As a business coach, I work with business owners and employers every day and help make them successful. I also work with them to find the right employees. It’s hard for them to find the right person, and there is such a low success rate. I started doing Interview Coaching because I understood what those owners were looking for and I wanted to help people connect with the right jobs. There is such a disconnect.

So how do you make sure you get picked in the after the interview? I will help you get that job, but we have to do a little preparation first.


Before we start, I will ask you to take two personality assessments, a DISC and a Myers Briggs. This will help me to get to know you, but even more you will really get to know yourself. We’ll review the results of the assessments to help you understand your true strengths and how to be confident in projecting them. Many employers are using them to assess you, too, so you better understand what they are looking at.

Questions About You

Before we even start on the mock interview, I am going to ask you questions about yourself. I want to know, as your employer will, what it is that makes you tick and why they would want to hire you. We need to figure that out.  You need to appear confident in yourself. They have one question in their mind…is this person the one?

The Mock Interview

I will select mock interview questions based on your industry. You will learn how to answer them by being yourself, and you will also learn how important it is to ask them questions. I will listen to your concerns and try to answer your questions.

Your success is my success, and I want you to and the job!

Pricing & Process

The package price is $475 and it includes a minimum of two hours of coaching (skype videoconferencing) and the DISC and Myers-Briggs assessments. Once you sign up, I will provide you with the links to take the assessments and some reparatory reading material. We’ll schedule the two hour time slot based on your availability.

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